Preparing Your House for Tenancy Cleaning

If you are moving out, then you need you have to do end of tenancy cleaning and generally restore the house to the state it was in before you moved in. This is a standard condition in tenancy agreements. Indeed, many tenant-landlord disputes over tenancy deposit arise from the fact that the end of tenancy cleaning has not been done properly. The alternative to doing the cleaning yourself is hiring a cleaning service. This is very advisable as they are likely to do a job that the landlord cannot dispute. Tenancy Cleaning is a London based cleaning company which can provide you with bespoke end of tenancy cleaning london. When you engage these services, it is important that you prepare for them so that they can do the job properly. How can you do this?

Agree on the day

This is a no-brainer. The cleaners cannot do the cleaning if they cannot access the house. Agree on a specific date and time so that neither of you is stranded as they wait for the other.

Agree on the scope of work

What is the cleaning service coming to handle? This is important so that no work is overlooked. You may also raise a dispute over undone work only to realize that it was not in the scope of work.  Have the list of tasks clearly written down.

Know what is off-limits

Some cleaning services will refuse to handle some types of tasks like cleaning human waste or blood stains. Some will refuse to handle heavy items like sofa in case they become damaged. Establish undoubtedly what the cleaning providers considers off-limits so that you can make alternative arrangements or hire a more compatible cleaning service.

Basic cleaning

There is basic decency clean up tasks that you have to do yourself before the cleaners come in. For example, picking up dirty underwear off the floor, or collecting pet waste. Though many cleaning services will say that nothing is off-limits, it is only human nature that a cleaner who has to clean up disgusting stuff will do the rest of the cleaning half-heartedly.

Arrange for children and pets

If the cleaning is to be done before you move out, children and pets can get in the way of the cleaners. Arranging for them to be elsewhere when the cleaning is being done is not only convenient for the cleaning service, it also eliminates health risks. The dust that comes from the cleaning could cause respiratory problems for the kids, while the noise of the cleaning equipment will agitate the pets.

Preparing for a cleaning service can make a big difference between a cleaning job being done properly, and ending up in dispute.

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