How End of Tenancy Cleaning Helps Get Your Deposit Back

Your tenancy contract sets out the terms and conditions of your rent. This outlines your obligations as a tenant up to the day you decide to move out. The landlord will also make a moving in inventory report to show the conditions of the house when you moved in. You place the tenancy deposit as a guarantee that you will leave the house as it is in the inventory report. Statistics show that about 60% of deposit reimbursement disputes arise due to disagreement over how the end of tenancy cleaning has been done. If you are moving out, the best way to ensure that you get your tenancy deposit fast is by engaging an end of tenancy cleaning service from a reputable cleaning company such as Citi Clean. Here is why:

Professional job

A cleaning service has cleaned tens if not hundreds of other homes of different sizes and styles. They will be able to work out the best way to go about cleaning the house from top to bottom. A cleaning service has the necessary manpower, tools and cleaning materials to ensure the job is done thoroughly reaching even to the hidden corners and high places. It will be hard for the landlord to find fault in the cleaning done.


That stubborn stain you have been trying to get off the carpet does not come off because you don’t have the right cleaning materials.  You probably require industrial grade bleach. This is why you need a cleaning service. They will come on site with all the tools and equipment needed to handle any kind of dirt. This could be mud stuck in the carpet, colour stains, lime scale on bathroom walls and all other dirt that is hard to tackle.


If you are moving out, the last thing you want is to handle stuff from your old house, especially if you moved for unpalatable reasons like a quarrel with the landlord. Using a cleaning service is convenient as you do not have to be on site. You just contact the cleaning service and they alert you when they are finished.

If your schedule is packed, using a cleaning service will tick this task off your to-do list freeing your hands to tackle other things. When the cleaning is done, you can start pushing the landlord to reimburse your deposit.


Cleaning a big house comes with some risks. You have to move heavy items like the sofa to do proper cleaning. This could come with a risk of damaging some of these items. Letting a cleaning service handle the job eliminates this risk as the service carries insurance.

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