5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Professional Tenancy Cleaning Services

Professional tenancy cleaning services are the best thing you could have when you need to move out in a hurry.  If you need your tenancy deposit back, you will have to comply with the tenancy agreement’s condition of restoring the house as you found it. If you fail to do this, the landlord could raise a dispute, or use your deposit to clean up after you move out. Engaging professional cleaning services is very advisable. However, before you do, there are some questions you should ask to ensure that the job is flawless.

What is off-limits?

There are some cleaning companies that shy away from handling some tasks like cleaning the bathroom or handling the garden. Some will refuse to move heavy items to clean. This is a clarification you have to get so that there are no disputes over unfinished work.  You can also look for a cleaning service that will be more compatible with your cleaning needs.

What preparations are to be done?

Does the cleaning service need any equipment or cleaning materials from you?  Many professional cleaning services will come fully loaded with equipment, tools and cleaning materials like bleachers. However, it is advisable to ask if they need anything from you so that they are not stranded and start on the job right away.

Who will supervise?

If you are queasy about living a bunch of strangers, you may want to stick around and keep an eye on what is happening. Many cleaning services expect this and will not have a problem with it. However, some will not take it kindly being ordered around seeing as it is that they have their scope of work in the cleaning contract.  Some will also prefer that you stick around in case they have questions for example when moving fragile items.

What happens if you dispute?

Professional cleaning services sometimes get it wrong. A patch here and there will be missed. What happens if you don’t like the work? How do you raise the complaint, and how fast does it take to get remedied? Get the answer to these questions in case this scenario becomes true.  Failure to get a clear answer on this one could see you handling two disputes at once; one with the cleaners and one with the landlord over a shoddy job.

What are the payment terms?

Some cleaning services will demand a deposit upfront while some will want to be paid before starting the job. Ask about the payment arrangements so that you are prepared with the cash.

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